There is no place like Pattaya. Even in Thailand, where young and old female company is easily available for foreigners at reasonable prices in every major or minor tourist town: The once sleepy fishing village and now bustling sex mecca of Pattaya is in a league of its own. No other place in Thailand has nearly as many Thai girls and women looking to hook up with foreigners.
I don’t know any other city where you don’t get looked at in a strange way if you walk in a normal restaurant, shopping mall or even government office with a bar girl. Pattaya has its own vibe that is quite difficult to describe. It seems that nowhere in Thailand the girls enjoy their work more than they do it here. Does it have to do with the charm of a beach town and the fresh sea breeze?
Ok, so here we go, this is the overview to the nightlife and girls in Pattaya.

Beer Bars

The most traditional and Pattaya-typical form of a bar beer (as the Thais call them) is an open-air kind of a hut, with a square bar counter and sometimes a roof on top. While the punters sit on bar stools around the bar, the service girls, mostly prostitutes who are “for hire”, stand or sit behind the counter and entertain their customers from there.Aside from having a drink or chatting with the girls, beer bar pastimes include a game of pool, connect-four and shut-the-box. Many bars will also show live football and other sports on TV or entertain guests with pool competitions, fishing trips etc.
Open-air bars are often concentrated in large bar complexes, e.g., on Walking Street. Other bars are located on the ground floors of shophouse units and often provide guest rooms on the upper floors. So-called “short time bars”, typically indoor bars with dark glass fronts and dozens of girls sitting outside advertising their services, can be found abundantly on Soi 6 off Pattaya Beach Road. In addition to the regular bar business on the ground floor, “short time bars” function pretty much like intimate small brothels and usually provide “short time” rooms on the upper floors.
In order to draw attention to themselves and their services, Pattaya bar girls usually shout stuff like Hello sexy man, where you go? I want go with you, or something even more obvious at passers-by. If you travel as a couple or family, these verbal invitations will usually be more reserved: Hello madame, welcome inside please, or something along those lines.
Drinking prices in beer bars are reasonably cheap overall and less expensive than in GoGo bars or nightclubs. Small bottles (0,33l) of locally-brewed (Singha, Chang, Leo) or imported beers (Heineken, San Miguel, Tiger) usually set you back around 50 to 90 Baht. A glass of Sangsom – the dominant brand in the Thai spirits market and a kind of brown rum – sells for 50-70 Baht in most bars, while imported spirits shouldn’t cost you more than 100-150 Baht a glass.
Drinks bought for female employees, so-called “lady drinks”, are slightly more expensive than regular drinks, but usually don’t exceed 150 Baht in regular bars (the actual price is often posted on the wall or in the drinks menu).
Bar girls except for the cashier and the so-called mamasan (that’s a kind of female manager and “pimp” in one person who manages the bar and activities of the girls) are actually all prostitutes.
If there is mutual (not just financial) understanding, bar prostitutes are always ready to accompany their male customers for an hour or two – or the rest of the night – back to their hotel rooms. Easy as that.
To take a girl out of her bar, customers have to pay a so-called “bar fine” (money paid to the bar directly so that the lady can leave with a customer) of usually around 300 to 500 Baht. The bar fine, valid for usually the rest of the night or until the end of your lady’s shift, will be added to your bill and is generally not refundable.
Customers will usually be “expected” to pay 1,000 to 2,000 Baht for such extra services (rates will depend on whether it’s “short time” or “long time”, high/low season, as well as the location of the bar and the individual expectations of your lady.) DON’T PAY more than 1,000baht for long time!!!

Go Go Bars

There are currently more than 70 Go Go Bars in Pattaya and the majority of them are located all along Walking Street and its little side Sois. From all the nightlife places it’s the Go Go’s that have the most attractive girls and that’s the reason you need to pay more than anywhere else for buying lady drinks, paying their bar fines and taking them for short time or long time. Bar fine’s 500-700baht and for the girl 1,500-4,000baht. It’s always a great way to start your evening by visiting a couple of Go Go Bars and if you do so, you might want to come at around 9pm as that’s usually the time when the girls start working and traditionally dance on stage altogether. There are huge differences in the quality of girls and the entertainment from place to place.

Short Time Bars

If you’re looking for clear-cut sexual services (like screw, pay and go) and female companionship for just the nitty-gritty, so-called “short time” bars might be just the thing for you.
Especially if for some reasons, say, you’re married or have a GF waiting at home, it shouldn’t be convenient for you to take a girl back to your room, “short time” bars provide a truly convenient alternative.
Short-time bars are typically indoor bars with dark glass fronts that don’t reveal much from the outside. The only clues to what they have in store are their typical tell-tale names and a handful of girls in sexy dresses hanging about in front of the venue, trying to drag customers in.
As the name says, short-time bars provide short-time sexual services – usually for up to one hour. While the “regular” bar business takes place on the ground floor bar, the upper floors provide basic guest rooms (often without a shower and toilet) where you can enjoy yourself discretely in the company of the lady of your choice. While some bars are more bar fine-oriented than “regular” bars, customers who just want to have a drink or “play” a bit with the (usually very approachable) girls are usually still very welcome.
Short-time bars can best be compared with intimate small brothels. Needless to say that the ladies working in such venues are also more “professional” and seem to be less shy and more “tame to the hand” than girls working in conventional bars. Most ladies won’t mind if you “paw” them a bit in the small and usually dark-lit bars, while the more daring ones might even pamper you with some unusual “extras” in one of the discrete sofa corners that are typical for the interior of short-time bars. Most S-T bar girls, as opposed to ladies working in regular bars, also seem to be more open-minded when it comes to slightly “unusual” sex practices.
Bar fines in short-time bars are usually around 300-350 Baht and typically include the room rental fee for up to one hour. Most girls will ask for 700- 1,000 Baht for sexual services so it’s roughly 1000- 1,300 Baht all-inclusive. Note: If you want to bar-fine a lady in a short-time bar and take her back to your room instead of using the in-house facilities, or you prefer “long-time” (overnight) services, the bar fine and the remuneration demanded by the girl may be considerably higher.

Gentlemen’s Clubs

So-called gentlemen’s clubs are day bars, typically situated in more discreet locations around town, that get going in the afternoon and close earlier at night.
Popular mainly with male expats sneaking out for an afternoon, gentlemen’s clubs are similar to short-time bars in that respect that the ladies provide mostly short-time sexual services in private rooms on the upper floors. But other than, for example, the short-time bars on Soi 6, which are mostly small and slightly shabby, dimly-lit shophouse bars, the ambiance in gentlemen’s clubs is usually a touch “classier” and there’s more emphasis on the regular bar business. Also to keep unwanted visitors like girlfriends and wives off the radar, gentlemen’s clubs are often located in posh detached houses in rather remote locations around Pattaya.
Popular venues include, for example, Kinnaree Place off Soi 4 on Pratamnak hill, Heaven Gentleman’s Lounge near Cosy Beach (also in the Pratamnak area), Passion (in a side-street off Thappraya Road in Jomtien) and Rioja, a Spanish castle-style villa somewhere in the middle of nowhere between Thepprasit Road and Soi Wat Boon, also at Jomtien.

Happy Ending Massage

There are hundreds and hundreds of small massage salons and almost all of them have girls in short skirts or tight shirts yelling at you “hello, handsome man! massage!” If you walk around town it feels like for every two beer bars you pass at least one of these little naughty massage shops. The most famous street in this category is Soi 13/2 – a 200m long strip connecting Beach Road with Second Road (s. picture). But again, these salons are spread all around town and it really doesn’t matter where you go: There are always young, skinny, busty, shy or auntie-kinda experienced massage girls available virtually everywhere.
If you are out for a happy ending, then you would choose either a Thai Massage (usually 200 Baht) or Oil Massage (usually 300 Baht). This gives you one hour with the girl of your choice in a private room (or a public one divided by curtains which is quite the same). These prices are lower than in Bangkok where the standard is 300 Baht for a Thai massage. At some places where there is big competition you can get a Thai massage for as low as 150 Baht! A happy ending in form of a hand job will usually cost you 500 Baht (negotiable).

Soapy Massage Parlors

You can find more than a dozen massage parlors spread around town. The word “massage” is actually quite misleading, they’re basically brothels with girls being presented behind glass (called a fishbowl). They are usually divided into two groups and prices: Fishbowl girls (being employed by the parlor, about 1,500-2,000 Baht) and sideline girls (sometimes also called models, not being employed by the parlor and generally more attractive and white skinned, about 2,500-3,000 Baht). The price includes 1.5 hours with a girl of your choice including bath and sex. Sabai Dee, Honey 2 Body Massage, Sabai Room etc…

Beach road freelancer Girls

The line between “normal Thai girl with a normal day job” and “the girl who occasionally sleeps with tourists for money” is very, very thin. Those who do usually look for their customers in the night clubs so it’s not that easy for their co-workers or employers to see. If they either don’t care, don’t have a job anyway, need money really urgent or are simply too young to legally enter the bars or clubs – well these are the girls you find all along beach road, all day and all night. You may get quoted 700 or even 1500 Baht for short time, if you do some small talk for a while and get warm with the girl then the going price can be 500-700 Baht. See our beach road videos.Tinder is also a great app to find freelancers.

Escort Agencies

A relatively new way of meeting hot girls in Pattaya is to simply “order” one from an escort agency and within one hour she will knock on the door of your hotel room or apartment. This makes it the most convenient way to get laid but with rates at 4,000 Baht per 2 hours also one of the pricier ones. Still, some of the girls on the escort agencies have bodies like models and if you take a girl from the go go’s it will cost you the same if not more. And you get 2 shots which is not really common for a short time. And if you compare it to Bangkok they got a standard of 5,000 Baht for 2 hours. Tinder is also great app to find this kind of girls.

Tips & Tricks

Negotiate Price: Always negotiate price before leaving with your  Thai lady. Girls who leaving early have to be punished financially, otherwise you kind of confirm you’re stupid and she can just do everything she wants without any consequence.
Valuables in the safe place. When you leave the room and while you are showering. Hear many times of girls stealing money and cameras. Don’t bring your credit cards when you go out at night. So many thieves and scams these days in Pattaya.
Lady drinks. Cut down on them, they are useless to the purpose of good fun and sex.
Eat the street food – Speaking of street food, don’t be afraid to eat it. It’s safe- even safer than a restaurant. If it weren’t the Thais wouldn’t be packing the stalls each day. You’ll find the best of Thailand’s food on the street and it will cost you a fraction of what you pay at a restaurant.