Manila has four foreigner-oriented red light districts: P Burgos Street-Malate-Ermita and EDSA Entertainment Complex. Each of these areas are quite unique in the types of bars and girls they have. They don’t even call them go go bars over here but bikini bars, and that’s because the girls don’t get naked anymore but wear tight bikinis. Don’t worry though, if you know what you are doing you still get to see some nipples, just continue reading. So in the following guide I will give you a description of each Manila red light district, the types of bars you will find, how much for the drinks, bar fines and ladies, so you’ll get a good idea of what they are like before visiting. Ok so here we go, this is the overview to the nightlife and girls in Manila.


Ermita is the oldest red light district in Manila, but it’s somewhat dying but still a great place to find freelancer.There are still about a dozen of girly bars and sports bars in Ermita, and 90% of them are conveniently located on Del Pilar Street. If you are wondering what’s the difference between a girly bar and a sports bar: The girly bars have girls employed for the purpose of entertaining the male guests. They will ask you for lady drinks that cost more than your own drink and if you want to take them out of the bar you will need to pay the bar fine. Sports bars are usually all about meeting other foreigners and playing pool billiards, there are also nice Filipina waitresses around but they cannot be taken out of the bar (need to wait until the bar closes).
The two best bars in Ermita red light district are LA Café and Gpoint. LA Café is really a legendary place, it’s a bar over two floors with pool tables, live band and even a restaurant, and there are easily more than 100 freelancers on any day of the week. Bar is open 24/7 so you can always drop by and get girls there.


Right next to Ermita is the next redlight area of Manila: Malate. Here you will find mostly KTVs, and karaoke bars that are popular among Asians, as well as the highest concentration of gay bar’s and happy ending massage salons in town. If you are westerner don’t waste your money and time visiting KTV bar’s here.
A good place to start your exploration of this area is Robinson Malate. It’s one of the nicest shopping malls in town and even there you can find some freelancers standing right outside the main entrance (as well as on the corner of the Arab restaurant) who are eagerly smiling at every foreigner they see, obviously more than ready to join you to your hotel for sex if you want. Here you can get (short time) for 300pesos if you lucky 🙂  Just be extra careful here as it’s not really the safest area of town, at least it doesn’t feel so when people are constantly staring at you, want to sell something and don’t accept the first two “No, thank you”s you tell them and the street hookers eagerly offering their (overpriced) services to you. Don’t pay more than 500pesos for short time.

EDSA Entertainment Complex

EDSA Entertainment Complex is the Filipino answer to Nana Plaza in Bangkok. One big building with 7 different go go bars (or “bikini bars” how they call them here).It’s located in Pasay and there is nothing else of tourist interest around EDSA. Not even some western restaurants or other bars. So don’t stay there, it’s enough if you take a taxi from Makati or Malate and you can see all the hundred or so girls in a couple of nights.
The quality of the girls in the EDSA bars used to be much better, but there are still some gems to be found especially in Cotton Bar and Pitstop which are by far the most popular places with the hottest and youngest girls. They all have the same owner and if you want to avoid to pay the bar fine you could ask them for their number and invite them to your hotel after they finished work at around 3am. I usually pay 1000-1500pesos for all night to “after work”girls.

P Burgos Street

P Burgos Street is the most tourist friendly and easiest to navigate red light district in Manila. It’s a 200m long street in the modern business district of Makati (although the surrounding area is not really the most developed part of Makati).
If it’s your first time in Manila (or even in the Philippines) then i would recommend you to stay there. That’s because you can find everything you need for a couple of days for a great single vacation: Bikini bars, sports bars, western restaurants, massage salons and even plenty of freelancers on the street (both girls and ladyboys) offering “massages” in your hotel room. Plus, the nicest shopping mall in Manila (Greenbelt) is just a 5-10 minute taxi ride away. You can even walk there in 20-30 minutes.

How Much for Girls & Drinks in Red Light Manila?

Now that you have the overview of the different “entertainment” areas, you are probably also curious about what the prices are like.
It depends on the type of bar: In the bikini bars you’ll pay 140-160 Pesos for a beer, 250-390 Pesos for a lady drink and 1,500-3,000 Pesos for the bar fine not including the price for sex with the girl (that’s another tip of 1,000-3,000 Pesos and needs to be negotiated separately) .That’s why you should ask girl’s for their cell phone number and meet them after work. Ermita is more on the cheaper end, P Burgos Street more on the more expensive end, and EDSA somewhere in between.
If you go into a sports bar the standard price for a cool San Miguel is 80-130 Pesos. Pool billiard games are generally 20 Pesos, except in LA Café where they charge depending on the time played. Freelance hookers at LA Café and G point will ask you about 1000-2000pesos for “short-time” and 2000-3000pesos all night. In fact, I’ve never paid more than 1000pesos for all night, so the prices are negotiable.
Things are quite different in the KTVs of Malate’s red light district.

Tips and tricks

Do not carry unnecessary valuables on your person, especially something that will catch attention as watches, expencive cell phone, credit cards etc.
Make sure to check the Manila girl’s ID before go back to your hotel room. Manila is well know for the underage scams organised by girls/ladyboys and police. The fine is severe and if not payed, you might face jail.
Watch your chits/bill – It is easy to lose control on the LD (lady drinks) while playing with beautiful Filipina girls. Pay the bill always in cash and whenever possible try to give small note instead of big ones.
Ask before exchange phone number – Ask girl if its ok to swap phone numbers in the open/public view in a bar or A go go.
Minimum legal age is 18 – If police get involve, it might cost you up to 5000$. If you don’t pay requested police bribe, you might end up in prison for many years.
Drugs on the street – If you get caught and convicted, you’re facing 20+ years in one of the worse prisons in the world or even death penalty!!!!. Police are also often involved in drug scams, so be careful.
When you get in trouble, try to get out as fast you can with the minimum number of people and pesos getting involved. Keep a few US $100 bills in your wallet. The green $$$ talks if you get busted.